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Light Up Your Business This Fall

During the fall months, employees return from summer vacations, and daylight hours shorten. People in your office will notice your electrical system more than ever, so you should ensure it is working properly.

Whether your office encapsulates one room or a whole building, you should prepare a checklist of your electrical needs to get the best results out of your system. Hi-Rise Electric Corporation, an electrician in New York, NY, recommends electrical maintenance for your commercial establishment this season.

commercial electrical maintenance in New York

Rewire Outdated Systems

Visible electrical concerns like flickering lights or breakers that trip repeatedly are clear indicators that an update to your system is necessary. If your wiring is old, the system could be at risk of catching fire.

Your employees may notice these electrical faults and carry concerns for their safety while at work. To protect your building and anyone inside, you should hire an electrician for rewiring services. They can replace outdated wires and check that your electrical system is working safely and efficiently.

Evaluate Code Compliance

New buildings should be constructed with electrical systems that are compliant with national standards codes enforced in your state. These regulations are designed to keep your facilities both safe and energy efficient.

The code releases updates every few years to ensure best practices are in place, and it is crucial that your establishment maintains these standards to protect your employees as well as to avoid a fine. An electrician can inspect your property and ensure your system is up to date.

Check Outdoor Lighting

While the interior electrical system of your building is important to maintain, you should also evaluate the lighting outside of the facility too. Keeping your property well lit can make employees feel secure, especially with fewer daylight hours and an increased likelihood that they will be outside when it is dark.

Proper lighting in your parking lot can deter car theft and other crimes as well. You can consult with an electrician to ensure this lighting is working and discuss features like motion sensors.

Find a Commercial Electrician in New York, NY

Hi-Rise Electric Corporation offers expert electrician services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Whether you seek assistance with electrical installation or require emergency repairs, our team can help. To get a quote for your electrical project at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 929.521.6311.