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Fix Spooky Flickering Lights

Have you noticed blinking or flickering lights in your home or office? Occasional flickers can be normal, but continuous interference should not be ignored.

The resolution to this electrical issue could be simple or you may have to contact your electrician, depending on the cause of the problem. Hi-Rise Electric Corporation, an electrical repair and maintenance company in New York, NY, offers advice for actions you can take if you notice flickering lights in your building.

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Common Flickering Causes and Fixes

If you notice lightbulb flickering, the most common reason for its occurrence is a loose bulb or plug, especially if the issue happens with only one light source. You can screw the bulb tightly in its socket and ensure the plug is secure in the outlet. Fluorescent lights sometimes flicker naturally, so you may also benefit from switching the type of lighting in your building.

If lighting flickers throughout your house, and your neighbors experience the same issue, the problem likely resides with your community’s electrical provider. You should report the situation to your electrical company.

When to Call an Electrician

If flickering lights occur in only one room in the house, the issue likely stems from a faulty circuit. An electrician can evaluate the problem more precisely and fix it. You should contact a professional promptly because a damaged circuit poses a safety risk for your building.

Sometimes lights blink when you utilize a large appliance, such as a washing machine or air conditioning unit. This points to an overloaded circuit.

If the flickering is constant, you should call your electrician to pinpoint the problem. This could result in saving you money on your energy bill as your system and appliances will no longer be overworked.

This issue could also occur due to loose wiring within your facilities, another concern that will need to be diagnosed by an electrical professional. You should trust your electrician with this problem. An exposed wire could put you or your building at risk of harm.

Electrical Repair You Can Trust in New York, NY

Hi-Rise Electric Corporation offers emergency electrical repair services as well as maintenance and installation to customers in New York, NY. Whether your facilities are residential or commercial, our experts can assist with your electrical concerns. To get a quote for your job at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach our team by phone at 929.521.6311.