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Hi-Rise Electric Corporation is your licensed electrical contractor in New York, NY. Our team has the experience, expertise, and resources to address any electrical project or problem.

Our goal is to ensure the integrity and safety of your electrical distribution system to reduce the risk of electrical problems and business interruption. Before we start any job, we review all the services you need. We are up to date with current regulations as well as fully licensed and insured. We offer ongoing electrical maintenance and repair services for business owners, landlords, real estate developers, and homeowners.

Our technicians provide you with a cost-effective approach and the highest level of service found in the electrical industry. We serve clients from all five boroughs of New York: Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

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Lose your money, you lose something
Lose your integrity, you lose everything

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Is your breaker box making noises? Do you smell burning plastic and metal coming from your outlets? Hi-Rise Electrical Corporation provides emergency electrical services to clients around the clock. However, if you notice burn stains on outlets or smell a plastic smell, call 911 first.

Our electricians can repair your electrical units after the area is safe and secure. A burnt outlet can be caused by an overloaded circuit. Burnt wires may have a bad connection or faulty wires that cause overheating. We can replace faulty outlets, wires, and even whole circuit boxes if they overheat or make odd noises.

Types of Electrical Services

Our commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services are tailored to our clients. No matter the size of the job, our experienced electricians are able to perform repairs, installations, and maintenance on a variety of electrical systems.

  • Commercial: Working with local inspectors and builders, we can provide electrical services for new builds of retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces. We can also provide routine maintenance or repairs. Some of our commercial electrical services can include circuit breaker replacements, indoor and outdoor lighting, security and fire alarm systems, and motion sensors.
  • Industrial: We follow codes and guidelines when working on large industrial buildings or spaces. Our electricians can retrofit, rewire, and troubleshoot problems on electrical appliances in factories, plants, and warehouses. Industrial electrical services may include backup system installation, data wiring, machine repairs, control integration, and power and utility lighting.
  • Residential: We can also provide our services if you own a building with tenants or require assistance with your own home’s electricity. Electrical upgrades, generator installation, electric panel changes, and updated outlets and switches are just some of the residential electrical services we provide. Our technicians can also treat common electrical problems such as flickering lights, short circuits, loose power outlets, and broken switches.

Meet Anthony Maggiani, President of Hi-Rise Electric

Anthony works closely with the operations, marketing, financing, and estimating departments at Hi-Rise Electric. His ability to motivate a large group of people to achieve a common goal has been a large part of his successful 16 years in the electrical contracting/consulting industry. He is a visionary who evolves with the times, keeping the company steps ahead of our competition.

Anthony’s key role at Hi-Rise Electric is to successfully grow the company’s client base and effectively manage an ever-growing workforce. He holds his New York, Nassau County, and Suffolk County Electrical Contracting Licenses. 

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