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Electrical Repairs New York, NY

Is your business experiencing electrical shortages? Are your outlets not working properly?

Call Hi-Rise Electric Corporation. We provide electrical services like electrical repairs to clients in the five boroughs of New York, NY. Our team of highly experienced and licensed electricians can diagnose electrical problems to determine the best service for your needs. We can ensure that lights, appliances, and equipment work properly and safely.

Electrical Repairs in New York, New York

Emergency Electric Repairs

If your business has a sudden power outage, you may lose money. When you’re at home and the electrical wiring has malfunctioned, it can be difficult and risky to try to repair it on your own. Hi-Rise Electric Corporation offers around-the-clock emergency electrical services to our clients. Remember to contact our licensed electricians if your emergency does not put anyone in danger, like an electrical fire or burning wires and outlets.

Electrical Repair Services

Our team knows that malfunctioning electrical appliances are inconvenient and also potential hazards, which is why we schedule clients for repairs as soon as possible. When repairing electrical appliances or systems, we first troubleshoot to diagnose the problem. After a thorough inspection of a damaged or malfunctioning system or appliance, we are able to determine the next steps to take.

Some of the most common repair services can include:

  • Fixing or replacing broken switches or outlets
  • Installing new light fixtures or fans
  • Home inspections for electrical safety
  • Repairing industrial appliances
  • Fixing interior or exterior lighting
  • Upgrading electrical panels
  • Adding or fixing circuits
  • Repairing or replacing circuit breakers

Please contact our office as soon as possible when you discover an electrical problem. Sometimes electrical problems can be dangerous. However, if you encounter problems like burning appliances or signs of smoke on outlets, call 911 first. We can repair the malfunctioning electrical system after the immediate danger has passed. The safety of our clients is at the forefront of our concerns.

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Do you need electrical repair services in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens, New York? Request a quote with Hi-Rise Electric Corporation on our website. You may also call our Staten Island, NY office to ask for a quote at 929.521.6311.