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Electrical Testing New York, NY

Our electricians make sure that electrical equipment is functional and compliant with safety standards. Testing after maintenance can also extend the longevity of the equipment and reduce costs resulting from power outages or equipment failures. Electrical testing commonly refers to applying voltage or current to a component.

When observing its response, our technicians are able to determine the strength or weakness of the appliance. Hi-Rise Electrical Corporation offers electrical testing to clients in New York, NY. Industrial buildings to small retail spaces benefit from our extensive electrical services.

Electric Testing in New York, New York

Electrical Testing in New York, NY

Testing electrical appliances or components keep home and business owners informed of potential concerns and ensures that there are no underlying problems. Our electrical testing standards can lead to routine electrical maintenance work that keeps systems up and running. Common types of electrical testing equipment that we use to diagnose electrical equipment may include:


These handheld devices can measure voltage (volts), current (amps), and resistance (ohms). We use multimeters as a diagnosing tool for electronic equipment, appliances, and wiring systems. Modern digital multimeters are more accurate than analog models to precisely read the values of a device or system.

Low-Resistance Ohmmeters

Low-resistance ohmmeters are used to make resistance measurements for circuit breakers, generators, or transformers, fuses, and more. Resistance measurements can test the condition of a circuit or other electrical components. Low current flow indicates a high resistance, and a higher current flow means there is lower resistance.

Test Sets

There are multiple types of test sets used for insulation, circuits, or whole systems. Hi-potential test sets assess the quality of electrical insulation in medium and high-voltage equipment. Relay test sets may be used for industrial systems. They can test the voltage, current, and frequency of a system. High current test sets are used to test circuit breakers.

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