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Panel Upgrades New York, NY

Electrical panels are made up of wires, fuses, and circuit breakers that are part of the electrical system. Routine maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of a panel, but some panels may need to be updated for safety reasons. New working panels not only help your electrical system function but old panels can be prone to damage or electrical fires.

Whether your electrical panel needs servicing or a full update, our certified electricians provide repairs, maintenance, and installations for electric panels as well as other electrical services. Schedule your quote for an electrical panel upgrade in New York, NY today. A new electrical panel that meets all current electrical code and your wattage needs will protect not only your safety but the financial value of your building or structure.

panel upgrade in Staten Island, New York

When to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

If your electric panel is no longer efficient and cannot switch off the entire home, it needs to be replaced. If there are signs of oxidation or rust and corrosion on the wires in the panel, call our office.  Our professional technicians can inspect your electric panels to determine what needs to be replaced or repaired. We can repair or upgrade older electric panels as well as add, or replace circuit breakers. In addition, our electricians can also “heavy up” electrical panels, which means increasing the amperage or capacity for energy.

Why Upgrade Electrical Panels?

If you have a building with outdated electrical panels, they can be unsafe to use. We can upgrade electrical panels according to the appliances used in a building or space as well as the wattage that is being used or required. Buildings that contain specialized equipment or appliances that run above the standard benefit from a heavy up. It not only increases the efficiency of the building but also makes it safer to operate a variety of electronic devices at once. Corrosion can be a fire hazard with older electrical panels. If you notice signs of rust or oxidation on or around your electrical panel, contact our office.

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Do you need a panel upgrade? Call Hi-Rise Electric Corporation for service at 929.521.6311 or receive a free quote online. Our office serves all five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Please let our technicians know if you have any further questions and they will be happy to help.