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Emergency Electrical Service New York, NY

If you have noticed odd smells or noises from your electrical system, call Hi-Rise Electric Corporation at 929.521.6311. However, if you see any smoke or fire coming from wires or an outlet, call 911 immediately. Our technicians can only provide emergency services that are not an immediate safety risk.

Contact our office for emergency electrical services in New York, NY if there is not a risk of immediate danger. We not only want our clients to receive high-quality electricity services; we also want our clients to stay safe.

Electrical Emergency in New York, New York

Common Electrical Emergencies

But what constitutes an electrical emergency? The most prevalent electrical emergencies that we encounter include:

Loss of Power: If your entire building or street loses power, we recommend that you call the electric company before you call our office. The power outage may be quickly remedied. However, if your home is the only one in your area that has lost power, the cause could be your breaker box. Our technicians can help repair the breaker box to ensure that your power is restored.

Burning Wires: Burning wires emit a metallic or plastic smell. Electrical wires can overheat due to a single faulty wire or bad connection. If you suddenly smell burning wires, immediately cut the power and call our technicians. We can replace the wires to prevent a dangerous electrical fire.

Breaker Box Making Noises: The circuit breaker helps cut off power in the event of an electrical problem. This protective feature can stop damage to appliances or the whole system. Hearing loud noises coming from the breaker box means that something is attempting to trip. If the breaker box is not working properly, the circuits may burn. This is a common shock and potential fire hazard.

Burnt Power Outlet: Power outlets that have stains from burns are an indication of overloaded outlets. If this happens, do not touch the outlet and check other outlets to ensure that they look normal. Cut power to the area, call 911, and then our technicians.

How to Prevent Electrical Emergencies

It is possible to prevent electrical emergencies before they happen. Our licensed technicians can perform routine maintenance in your home or building to lower the likelihood of electrical problems. To maintain the safety of an electrical system, we ensure that the electrical power is balanced and wires are updated and intact.

We offer a wide range of electrical services, from rewiring, generator installation, and panel upgrades. Replacing old electric features and even updating a whole electric system can help save clients injury and monetary loss.

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Have you noticed damage to one or more parts of your electrical system? Request a free quote on our website. You can also call our Staten Island, New York office at 929.521.6311.

Headquartered in Staten Island, NY, we also service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our electricians are licensed and experienced in fixing and replacing a full range of electrical parts, panels or complete electrical systems.